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  • Various types of plays provided
  • Email/Text notification (coming soon)
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Subscription Payment Process

Each subscription is a one time payment pertaining to the type of subscription purchased. There are no recurring payments. At the end of your subscription, your account will revert back to basic and you will no longer have access to the picks. To have access for another day, week, or month you will have to upgrade your membership and pay again according to the subscription you would like.

Money back guarantee

If you follow our system and do not profit by the end of your subscription you are able to request your money back or a free week. (Excludes Daily Subscription)

Access to our expert picks!

Login and have instant access to multiple picks everyday. Each pick is individually analyzed and chosen by our team of experts.

Various types of plays provided

This includes straight bets, money lines, spreads and over/unders. We also provide parlays and futures!

Bankroll management system 

We manage your bankroll and put you in a position to win. We use our own effective system to provide you with the correct amount of units to use for each play in order to profit.

Email/Text notification (coming soon)

Emails and text messages sent notifying you when the picks for the day are posted. Picks delivered via text message will be sent directly to the phone of users that opt in.


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